Unpolished Child Amber - Brilliant Flower

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We know that some of our customers prefer a slightly smaller bead, as well as a more uniform bead size throughout the necklace. 

PLEASE NOTE - The beads on this necklace DO NOT graduate as the beads shown above do.  Most of the the beads on this necklace are about 2/16".   The bead size is fairly uniform throughout the necklace (rather than graduating from smaller to larger towards the center of the necklace, like on our original style.)

100% Authentic Baltic Amber - Guaranteed!

Our necklaces and bracelets are made of natural, high-quality, authentic Baltic amber, the most esteemed type of amber in the world.  Our amber jewelry is not made of plastics, synthetics, copals, reconstituted amber, or any other imitation of Baltic amber. 

About Baltic Amber

For hundreds of years, Baltic amber has been a traditional remedy and curative for many ailments and discomforts.

Baltic amber is a natural product - it does not come from a dye lot!  Every piece is uniquely beautiful in its varying earth-tone shades. Slight variation of color and markings from necklace-to-necklace is not unusual.  

About this necklace
  • Made with unpolished Baltic amber beads. (Commonly known as "raw" amber. May contain imperfections not found in polished beads.  
  • Fastens with a plastic screw clasp
  • Strung on nylon cord
  • Knotted between each bead
  • 100% lead and pthalates free
  • Handmade in Lithuania  
  • Your very own unique piece of natural history!

Safety Information   

  • Non-toxic.  Lead and pthalates free.
  • Allergic reactions/topical skin irritations to wearing Baltic amber are extremely rare, but do occur from time-to-time. 
  • Jewelry contains small parts

Children should be supervised when wearing jewelry, and it should be removed when the child sleeps.

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